Corbec, Hot-dip Galvanizing
Steel should be galvanized! Let's galvanize our future! The best protection against corrosion.

Corbec, hot-dip galvanizing


With over 55 years of experience in hot-dip galvanizing and a solid commitment towards its customers, Corbec Inc. has become the leading galvanizer in central and eastern Canada.

Our two facilities, conveniently located in Montreal and Quebec City, are equipped with kettle sizes which allow for the galvanizing of a wide range of steel products, such as:

Corbec is actively involved with galvanizing associations as well as technical and engineering societies throughout the world. Operations personnel and management are continuously kept up to date on developing technologies and general improvements in our industry.



Corbec Galvanizing, the standard...

As a leading hot-dip galvanizer, we are committed to offering consistently superior quality, at a competitive price, with reliable service. Our excellence is built on employee expertise and our ability to surpass industry expectations.


With the aim of becoming the leader in the Canadian market, Corbec will expand to meet emerging needs. To facilitate the implementation of its management model, Corbec will promote participative management and knowledge transfer. In the interest of remaining a leading-edge and innovative company, Corbec is committed to maintaining its involvement in research and development and enabling its employees to develop new capabilities.


Our values...

Corbec has built a reputation for reliability based on its fundamental values, which the company has bestowed upon its employees, suppliers and other business partners.


Corporate Citizenship

At Corbec, we value initiatives that have positive impacts in our community. Whether it be contributions to well-known charitable organizations or cooperation and aid via a local sporting or social clubs, Corbec's management is listening.

Kiwanis International

We sent children with juvenile diabetes to a summer camp! They're learning to manage their medication, to be strong when its insulin-injection time and to demystify their disease. But most importantly, the kids are outside, playing games, learning skills and building long-lasting friendships.

Fondation des amis d'Elliott

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Fondation de l'Hôpital Anna-Laberge

The Foundation's mission: Help sick children of the Bois-Francs and l'Érable regions, by supporting organisations that help them, whether in terms of mental, physical or social health.

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Phoenix Évolution

A sports team known for its stringency, performance and team spirit.