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Canadian Emergency Response Benefits

Visit the website for Canadian emergency benefit information click here.

Government of Quebec

Visit the Government of Quebec website for information related to :

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Quebec
Click here.

Preventing the risk of spreading the virus

Instructions for a person with symptoms

Managing stress and anxiety

In the production of a personal mask

Government of Canada

Visit the Government of Canada website for information on coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Canada click here.

To mental health management in Quebec

Association of Quebec Psychiatric Physicians

Consult the website of the Association of Quebec Psychiatric Physicians for information relating to:

Mental health during quarantine:


Consult the CNESST website for information on:

To their tool kit for coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Blogue de Sonia Lupien

Consultez le blogue de Sonia Lupienpour des informations relatives :

À la gestion du stress


Consult the Youtube website for information relating to:

Hygiene to adopt at the grocery store

To make you feel better (Take note that those videos are only available in French)